Crusheo is a fun, new way to meet other people. You can think of it as a walk around town (or the world), but with one exciting difference - you have an easy way to connect with the people you see!

  1. Crusheo shows you someone it thinks you should know, and lets you choose to crush or pass on them...
  2. If you crush on them they will receive an invitation and can respond by crushing you back or passing. If they crush you back a match is made and you can then message each other!

Meeting People

When you register with Crusheo you will begin to show up on the Meet People page for other users.

The Meet People page accessed via the menu is where you go to meet others. Crusheo will show you a new person and you can choose whether you want to "Pass" or "Crush" with them.

If you choose to Pass then we will record this action and show you the next person.

If you choose to Crush with them then Crusheo will send them an invitation to connect.

Be sure to check back often because lots of new people are joining every day!


When someone chooses to Crush with you, you will receive an invitation on your Invitations page accessible from the menu. From this page you can look through the current list of people who are crushing with you and choose to either pass or crush with them back.

If you choose to Pass the other person will NOT be notified that you passed.

If you choose to Crush with them you will become crushes and you can begin messaging each other!


The Notifications page is where you can go to view recent actions that have occurred involving you.

When a match occurs we will let you know by adding an entry in your notifications list.


The Crushes page shows you a list of (you guessed it) all your Crushes on Crusheo. You can message any of your Crushes from this page or view their profile.


The Messages page allows you to both create new messages in existing conversations and start new ones.

The list shows you all the friends you currently have a conversation with. You can select any of your Crushes from this list and we will show you your conversation with them. Currently we only show you the 20 most recent messages for each person. You can continue the conversation by sending another message to them.

You can also create a new message to any one of your Crushes (even if you don't currently have a conversation with them) by clicking the "New Message" button. This will open a popup and let you select which Crush you would like to message.

Report a Problem

We are always interested in hearing about any issues you might be having with the website so that we can fix them! If you are having a problem please report it on the Report a Problem page accessible on the left navigation pane or by clicking here.

Make a Suggestion

Suggestions are welcome! Want a specific feature? Want something changed? We want to hear all about it! You can make a suggestion on the Make a Suggestion on the left navigation pane or by clicking here.